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Welcome to ClearVision Communications!

Here creativity is by design, as we attempt to bring to the fore entertainment that not only inspires the imagination, but enlightens the heart and mind as well.  Comic books, novellas, short stories and more, both in print form, and online will be made available. But what sets these apart from all of the other hundreds of other stories, you ask?  Ours are stories told with purpose, principles, and virtue, in an attempt to creatively illuminate the heart and mind.  So if your in your comfy chair, or on the go, we have the format for you.



Join us for the exciting adventures of Starchild and Saren! Young twin titans, heroes, Prince and Princess, from a land far away as they embark on their journey of destiny, here on Earth...  A training ground if you will ...Adventure shall always be a part of their lives!










Coming soon!...


4 teens navigate through galactic tributaries that take them to worlds not unlike our own.  They come bearing a gift, that if accepted, offers the receiver freedom and life. However, there is an opposer at work who does not wish to relinquish his hold over these people and worlds, and with unlimited worlds' worth of resources, he fights against the 4 teens and their kind. The AMEN!... an allegory.  "Let the redeemed say so!"









In a world where right and wrong have been blurred, watered down, made of no effect, one man stands against an onslought of villainy.  A city overrun by a conglomerate of criminals; gangsters, thieves, mobsters, murderers and the like, who have banded together and thrown the city of Welters Edge into chaos!  With the police, state and federal agencies unable to halt their rampage, one lone agent is sent in.  His mission: find the head of this "ConGlom" and eliminate it.  With that, Harrison Meeko, a.k.a. the G.U.A.R.D.ian agent, will learn that through prayer, one man can make a difference!  Be here for the premier of "Truth and Justice"!














So there you have it!  These are just some of ClearVision's library of illumination!  So again, please join us as we strive to leave a better world for our children's children! 




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