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ClearVision teams up with at the 11th Annual Orange County Children's Book Festival  

Penn Manship September 2014


Sunday, September 28, 2014  ClearVision Communications joined forces with ReadnDream.Com "Fun books, poetry, activities and listening for everyone!"tm  at the 11th annual Orange County Children's Book Festival.  The family-centered event featured authors and artists from all around, as they "shopped their wears".  "Illuminating hearts and minds...creatively" and having a desire to leave a better world for our children's children, ClearVision saw this opportunity to unite as a natural thing.  Paula D. Golden, founder/owner of ReadnDream.Com, or as she is known in the ClearVision universe, "Ms.Paula", was instrumental in this pairing of companies for this event.  They plan to continue this dynamic combination in their pursuit of sharing their brand, services, and products with people and communities, thru events and venues such as these. So keep an eye open you'll definately be seeing them!..    Observe pictures below...

Early start to the book fair, and as you can see

we were greeted with a magnificently beautiful sunrise!  My lovely daughter, "Lady-girl" accompanied me.She wanted to work with her

ol' Dad.

After we set up, Ms.Paula took one last look over while I went and secured electricity for our space...

 Over the past several years the O.C.C.B.F. audience has grown from 5,000 to over 35,000 attendees...

...and as you can see, this year was no exception.

We made excellent contacts, and also sold books, while getting the word out about ClearVision's online comic, "The Adventures Of Starchild and Saren"!!... Shout out!.. to our table-mate, Ms.Pink Hair, Angelina Madison, creator of "Cookie Castle Kids"

....Good Times!!!....   ClearVisioneer Prime Steven and Captain Tall Tale.

Lady Girl ran into Ms. Garcelle Beauvais, who was also in attendance promoting her children's book, "I Am Mixed" co-authored by she and Mr.Sebastian A. Jones.

Looks like ClearVision was not the only one, "Illuminating hearts and minds... creatively!"tm  Green Egg Media was also out and about with their powerful emoluments!!

"Hey Lady Girl, do you wanna build a snowman?" Anna was heard saying...

     ...Good Times!!...  Ms.Paula ( with a little customer....


"Say goodbye Clifford!"

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